Zanzibar- Africa’s Little Secret

Flowers and Awesomeness

Hey, y’all! 

I miss walking out of my room and down the walk way getting to see these lovely flowers everywhere.  That’s one of the best parts about traveling to tropical destinations.  It is almost impossible to not see the beauty all around you.  Like you’d have to really be trying NOT to see it. 

I hope these flowers bring a smile to you today like they did when I first saw them and then again when I took a picture of them. 

There are some really big things coming up for Living Travel Designs.  I have been talking about them for at least a month, but the wait is almost over, because the awesomeness is about to be reveled! 



Speaking of tropical destinations, Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful!  I was surprised to hear that not a lot of people know it exist.  This made me really sad, because no one should miss out on this beauty!  Even if as close as you ever get are pictures.  Plus, believe it or not, Freddy Mercury was born there! You can even go see the house he lived in. 

Zanzibar is composed of many small islands and two larger ones that reside off the coast of Tanzania.  Their biggest industry is tourism, which is why the island is super safe to visit.  They make sure there are no shenanigans that could end up deterring tourist from coming.  The other industries of the country are spices and raffia palms. 

The islands are also home to the red colobus which is Africa’s rarest primate. The primate has been isolated from the mainland colobus for at least 1,000 years and has developed into a distinct species with their own coat patterns, calls, and food.  It is also possible to get in very close contact with the primates as they are used to visitors.  Zanzibar is also home to a very elusive and endangered leopard called the Zanzibar leopard.  


I have known about this amazing place for a while now.  It is on my very long list of places to visit.  In fact, I had found the perfect place to stay which was a tiny home on a secluded beach that the visitors had to walk for a while in order to get to it.  Unfortunately, I am no longer able to find the place to ever stay there.  It did allow me to learn about these fantastic islands though. 

Another  pretty cool aspect of these islands is the Rock Restaurant (pictured above).  Yes, it’s totally an actual restaurant.  From the pictures, the food looks amazing, and from the reviews it seems the pictures do the food justice.  Can you imagine walking up those steps and having a meal with drinks on a rock with a house on it?  Can you say INSTAGRAM worthy?!


All in all, these islands have a lot to offer.  It is such a shame they are so far from me. If they were not literally half way around the world then I would have already experienced all there is to experience in Zanzibar.  I still plan on it! Long plane rides can’t scare me away!  And nor should they scare you away either.  

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