Warning: Loads of Cuteness…

Howdy y’all! 

Wooo doggie, it’s been a rough ride, hasn’t it?  I am going to do my whole newsletter without mentioning the “the word”.  I know I am tried of hearing it and dealing with the effects as I am sure y’all are too! 

Unfortunately, it’s everywhere.  No pun intended.  And it has drastically effected the travel industry, our lives, and honestly, just every part of everything we take for granted.  I am personally not worried about getting the virus.  In fact, I am to the point where part of me wishes I would get it, just so it can be over with. 

Stupid? Maybe. But that’s where the crazy has lead me. 

Just be smart.  Wash your hands, make good educated decisions, and I am sure we’ll all be out of it soon. 

Also, please always get insurance for your trips!  You just never know what’s going to happen.  

These times are hard on travel designers, but also it’s proven how valuable we truly are with our knowledge and networking that has drastically help our clients in these unprecedented times.  

I think we all need a bit of cuteness right now

That super ridiculously cute creature is a black footed ferret!  Just look at that face.  That should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Black Footed Ferret

Do not let that cute face and long, slinky body let you think this creature is nothing but eye candy.  They are actually very ferocious animals. 

Their main source of food is the prairie dog.  Yes, if you’re thinking about the size difference, there is a HUGE difference and yet they still manage it.  How?  Cause they pack a BIG bite. 

No, literally.  They have a crazy strong jaw and non-retractable claws.  Plus, they are nocturnal and will attach prairie dogs in their sleep.  Can you imagine the horror stories prairie dog parents tell their young?! 

Not only do they eat prairie dogs, but they are savage in that they then use the prairie dog’s burrows as their homes.  I’ll recap, they eat them, and then take their homes.  That’s straight up gangster. 

As you can probably conclude, their habitat is the prairie.  They are extremely endangered and there are large efforts to bringing their numbers back. 

There are only three species of ferret on the Earth

  1. European Polecat
  2. Siberian Polecat
  3. And our vicious cuties

In our ferrets defense, all species are vicious creatures disguised in that adorable outer appearance.  In fact, the Europeans used to train ferrets for hunting rabbits! 

Now, with all that being said, they actually make very sweet and loving pets.  Although, the domestic ferret is not the same as a black footed ferret, so don’t go trying to make friends if you see one in the wild.

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