Isle of Skye

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Isle of Skye

As most everyone knows, I have a very special place in my heart for Scotland. I think it goes deeper than just the beautiful scenery and dramatic back drops that can be found all over the country, but also, it’s in my blood.

I have never been to the Isle of Skye, but I’d love to go!  I have heard such awesome stories of people who have visited.  Mainly that the views there can not be compared to any other place in Scotland.  And that’s saying A LOT!

The name Isle of Skye is derived from an old Norse word, sky-a, that means “cloud island”. The island got it’s name from the Vikings, because the Cuillin Hills are often covered in misty clouds and resembles an island in the sky. 

I am going to highlight two of the places that I find the most interesting and awe inspiring places on the isle. 

Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr is a dramatic feature of the Isle of Sky.  It was created by a large landslip and is located on top of Trotternish Ridge which is on the northeastern region of the Isle.  The Old Man is a 160 ft pinnacle rock formation that seems to resemble an old man. The Storr refers to the group of outcrops that not only includes the Old Man, but also surrounds him.  The Storr comes from the Norse word for “Great Man”. 

The legend of this dramatic feature is at one point there was a giant who lived on the Trotternish Ridge and when he was laid to rest after his death, his thumb remained above ground thus giving us the Old Man of Storr.

The Fairy Pools

The fairy pools are beautiful!  Clear blue water with waterfalls and all shades of blue, it’s almost like you are looking into the ocean. And, I mean, who could resist going to place called “Fairy Pools”?  It just seems like something that needs to be seen. 

I wish I could say that there was a meaning behind the pools, but from everything I have read, it’s just a name given.  No secret Pic or Norse meaning or no mythological site for Gods, just some beautiful pools that someone decided to give a mysterious name. 

You can go swimming in them!  I’m not sure if I would recommend it, but it’s definitely possible. Just make sure you bring plenty of towels and a dry set of clothes with you.  It’s not going to be 100 degree weather when you get out and it’s a wee bit of a walk back to the vehicles. 

You do not have to have an ancestry connection to Scotland to appreciate it or fall in love with it’s rugged charm. There is an energy there that pulls you in and consumes you in a way that is unimaginable. 

I guess with views that are literally breath taking, wide open spaces that make you for get you’re in a small country, and mountains and glens that make you feel about 2 feet tall it’s easy to be pulled into the beauty of Scotland.

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