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TESA Retreat in the Dominican Republic

Hey, y’all! 

As most of y’all probably know I have spent the last week in the Dominican Republic at Club Med on a retreat for a business group called TESA.  I joined this group about 6 months ago and had mixed feels about coming to this retreat specifically because of the destination.  Americans have been told that it’s dangerous to travel to the island.  It certainly is not.  I did not have one issue caused by any of the concerns conveyed on the news. 

I then was nervous about coming so soon after a surgery and as a kicker I got a horrible cold literally right before I left.  I seriously considered canceling and staying home. 


Not only have I been around a great group of people, but it’s been an amazing experience.  I have never stayed in an all inclusive resort.  It’s just not how I travel, but I have certainly learned there is a very charming aspect to it, as well as, a time in which  you just need an all inclusive resort!

The grounds of the resort was absolutely beautiful!  I have been to many tropical islands, including this one, and it was no where near the beauty on the resort.  This is of course all due to the planning of the layout. They did a fantastic job!

There are so many palm trees, plumeria trees, hibiscus, and many others I have no idea of their names.  The water was an absolute lovely blue, some seaweed, but not too bad, and there was always plenty of cabanas to sit under.  The cabanas themselves were really nice, because they were big enough to shade at least two people from the sun, so taking naps was lovely. 

It was also so nice to have someone do everything for you.  From cleaning the room to cooking food it was so different than what I am used to from traveling, which is mainly relying on myself.

Can’t you imagine sitting in those chairs enjoying a cool breeze as you read a book or maybe mess around on your computer?  I experienced it and let me tell you, it was fantastic! 

There was definitely some down sides to the resort.  If you were ever wanting to book a stay at Club Med, I would for sure discuss with you. 

Over all the experience was eye opening and extremely enjoyable.  I was able to relax like I have never really done on a vacation and really just enjoy my time

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