Family Heirlooms

Hey y’all!  On to my second newsletter!  Who would of thought that I actually like to sit down, think of material that I think y’all  might find interesting, and then write about it?!  But I do! 

Anyway, family heirlooms.  The above painting was originally my grandparent’s and my aunt and uncle had it in their house for the longest of times.  I remember this painting as far back as I can possibly remember.  What about it stood out to me, even as a small child, you might ask?  Oh, well, cause there is a BIG brown horse in it!  I had no idea about the man sitting on the beautiful horse until I was older and learned that it was actually a copy of a very famous painting depicting a moment in a very famous battle. 

This painting is currently with an artist getting a make over.  The first one it has ever had!  I am so excited to get it back.  There is a perfect place on my wall that this beauty will call home. 

I am sure you are wondering about the man on the majestic four legged beast.  Well, read the next section and you’ll find out!

Sam Houston and the San Jacinto Monument

Photo: Facebook/Taste of Texas
I could literally write a book on the life of Sam Houston.  In fact, I am sure there are plenty out there and if you are intrigued enough I hope you end up reading one .  He was a very interesting man who accomplished many incredible things. 

He was born Samuel Houston in Rockbridge, VA in 1793 and moved with his family to Tennessee as a young child.  In his mid-teens he lived for three years with a tribe of Cherokee Indians.  He learned their language, customs, and ways of life.  He also earned the name “Black Raven”.  This relationship with the Indians would come back to help him later in his life.

He came to Texas in 1832, which at the time was a Mexican province, by orders of President Andrew Jackson to negotiate Indian treaties for the protection of U.S. border traders.  He established a residence in 1833 and quickly became one of the main leaders in the settlements.  When the Texans rose in rebellion in 1835, Houston was chosen as commander and chief of the army.

On April 21, 1836 Houston with his army off 900 Texans made a surprise attack on President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s army of 1,300 Mexicans and defeated them in the Battle of San Jacinto.  This battle was less than a month after the Alamo, which is what fueled the fire to succeed and win as the battle cry was “Remember the Alamo!”!  The battle won Texas it’s independence from Mexico and Sam Houston was elected as the republic’s first president.

This is a VERY, VERY brief over view of  Sam Houston’s life as well as the Battle of San Jacinto.  Houston was governor of Tennessee, and a two time president of the Republic of Texas, he was a lawyer, has a large city named after him, and is a legend not only in Texas, but the United States as well.  There is a beautiful, massive monument (shown in picture) located on the Houston Ship Channel in Deer Park, TX  at the site of the San Jacinto Battle.  It is the tallest stone monument in the world!  Coming in at 567.3 feet high with a huge 34ft star at the top (added into height).

I grew up 21 miles from the monument and have been several times.  The painting is a heirloom, but it also a deeper meaning than just being a stunning painting, it’s a part of Texas history.

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