Equestrian Journeys

“Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of Solitaire. It is a grand passion."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Horseback Safaris

What an adventure!

Just imagine the excitement of getting to see wild animals up close and personal in the most natural way possible. To be able to gallop across the bush with a herd of zebra or giraffe. Travel as they did in the olden days where canvas tents are set up in the middle of the wild bush allowing travelers to sleep to the sounds of the night. 

Kenya leaves its visitors and residence in a kind of awe. Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience it for yourself? On a horseback safari?!

This is not an ordinary horse ride. It is literally traveling across the Maasai Mara on horseback several miles a day, while a team of experts go ahead on the trail and set up camp, so when the riders ride in everything is already set up and ready to go. Met with drinks, food, and a nice comfortable place to sleep off the day’s ride in order to get ready for the next. Then wake up and do it all again.

It is an equestrian’s dream and a wild life lovers paradise.

Horseback in Scotland

Imagine riding horses through the majestic hills and mountains of the Highlands of Scotland.  Not just any horses, but Highland Ponies. Ponies that were breed and raised specifically for the rough terrain that encompasses the high regions.  Horses that can gallop over rocky and uneven soil as easily as they run down a flat, secluded beach. Trusting these head strong, sturdy steeds to navigate the trail will come as easily as making the decision to go on this horse trekking trip.  Effortlessly.

Are you an Outlander fan?  Even better! There are specific rides that highlight the areas where the show was filmed as well as the historical places that are talked about in the book and the TV show.  

The Highlands of Scotland are still very raw, beautiful, powerful lands.  It’s almost impossible not to feel the energy and grace the lands have to offer while experience it in the most medieval way possible.

There will be panoramic views, canters through the country side, and gallops down the beach that will leave you rejuvenated and in awe of the world around.

Horseback in Wyoming

The western portion of the United States is still some of the most wild lands in the country.  It’s vast open spaces give a reminder that us humans are not always the top of the food chain. There are things in this world that are bigger than us and our lives we get caught up in.  Sometimes getting back to the simple and spending time in nature and it’s wildlife gives a new meaning to life.

How amazing would it be to wake up every morning, saddle up your horse, and go for a morning ride or maybe sleep under the stars in true western fashion?  This is no dude ranch as it’s not a cookie cutter experience with 4 star luxury accommodations. It’s getting out there and experiencing life how it was meant to be experienced!

In the wild and on horseback!

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