America’s Last Frontier

Alaska has some pretty awesome adventures and experiences that are hard to find in any other state.  First off, the state is MASSIVE!  Coming in at 663,300 square miles of almost pure wilderness.  That’s 2.5 times the size of Texas!  It’s bigger than Texas, California, and Montana put together.  That’s crazy big!  You thinking that most

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My Unpopular Opinion

California- The Golden State Hey, y’all! Does anyone else feel like adulting is a cruel joke?  I certainly do.  Sometimes it’s just hard!  I guess that’s why we have beautiful places, wonderful people, and in some cases fantastic adult beverages.  One of the best things about traveling is being able to leave everything behind and

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Hot Springs- America’s First Resort

Arkansas Hey, y’all! This week comes with a lot of mix feelings.  I am so much closer to getting my website started and hopefully have some good news next week pertaining to my personal life!  Things truly look like they are going in the right direction!  The complete opposite feeling I have is sadness.  My

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Tall Tales

Hey y’all! Hope everyone had fantastic 4th of July celebration!  I was off, yayy!  I met with a friend and saw a movie then had dinner.  You know, very American things to do. 🙂  Most of the firework shows were the weekend before and I was working, so I missed out on them. It’s all good though!

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Family Heirlooms

Hey y’all!  On to my second newsletter!  Who would of thought that I actually like to sit down, think of material that I think y’all  might find interesting, and then write about it?!  But I do!  Anyway, family heirlooms.  The above painting was originally my grandparent’s and my aunt and uncle had it in their house for the longest of

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To New Adventures!

HELLO ALL! I am so excited and thankful for you to join my on me new adventure!  I am starting a weekly email newsletter that will tell you a bit about myself and what’s happening in my life that week as well as AWESOME information about all different kinds of places, destinations, people, and wildlife! My

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