Awe Of The Desert

Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

Hey, y’all! 

You can not go on a road trip with a best friend and not take ridiculous pictures!  You really have to have fun on trips and vacations or else why are you even going!? I always have a ton of fun with this gal.  Guess that’s why we have been on two road trips together! 

I had never been to Arizona before this road trip we took to Northern California.  I had the bright idea to take my pop up trailer on a road trip 5,000 mile round trip to camp with my friend and her family in Cali.  While the trip was exhausting, it was also a blast!  I got to see a bunch of National Parks and State Parks I have never seen.  Plus, other natural areas that will just take your breath way.

One place that had been on my radar for a long time was Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ.  There are absolutely no words for this place.  The beauty is off the charts.  It looks like the middle of the horseshoe is jumping out at you and the blue water of the river gives a lovely contrast to the orange and red rock.

It is also not regulated at all. Meaning you can literally walk up to the edge of the cliff and look down at a straight 1,000 ft drop to the Colorado River.  This makes it a very dangerous place, but also, if being very careful, can give you some very dramatic photo opportunities.  

The second place on my list was Antelope Canyon which is also in Page.  When I did research it said the canyon was always so busy with tourist and that seeing Antelope Canyon X was a good alternative to the crowds, so that’s where we went! 

We were not disappointed.  There was a storm approaching, so our first decent down was crushed when it started to thunder and lightly rain.  The guide did not want to take any chances, so out of the canyon we went. 

The thunder through the canyon was absolutely amazing to hear.  I tried to get a video, but was not able to get anything worth a save.  See, you do not want to get caught in the canyon when there is a flash flood which can happen with even the smallest of storms. It’s a death trap.  Most of the water does not get absorbed, so it turns into a river and there is no escape. 

The storms that are a danger are the exact same storms that made the canyon.  It’s so cool to see the waves of the walls and the lines of color from the different sands and sentiment.  The power of water is truly amazing.

The third place that was a must see was Grand Canyon West and the Sky Walk.  While it was not near as death defying as people perceive it to be, as I am not scared of heights, it was still a cool experience.  I am so glad I bought the picture above, mainly because it shows the eagle in the canyon.  Look to the left side of the photo and you’ll see it!  Nature is so awesome! 

Also, dry heat is still HOT!  I honestly would rather sweat, because at least when the wind blows you get a bit of a cooling effect.  In the desert, it’s just oven hot, and I gotta tell you, I did not enjoy it.  If I ever get the chance to go back it’ll definitely be in the “cooler” months, not mid summer.

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