America’s Last Frontier

Alaska has some pretty awesome adventures and experiences that are hard to find in any other state.  First off, the state is MASSIVE!  Coming in at 663,300 square miles of almost pure wilderness.  That’s 2.5 times the size of Texas!  It’s bigger than Texas, California, and Montana put together.  That’s crazy big!  You thinking that most of that is ice?  It’s not!  Alaska does have 100,000 glaciers, but that’s only 5% of the state.

There are more than 3,000 rivers and 3,000,000 lakes and more coastline (about 34,000 miles) than the rest of America combined. Lake Iliamna, the largest lake in Alaska, is 1,000 square miles!  There are 24 sites that are affiliated with National Park Service, but only 8 of them are national parks. Juneau, the capital, is the only capital in the United States that has no road access.  The only way to get to it is by plane or boat.  My point in fact throwing is Alaska is a nature lovers paradise and a rare jewel in isolation.  I know if it wasn’t so far from me, I would have already been several times.

Fairbanks sees the Northern Lights 243 days a year, so no “season” to go which makes it much easier and a guarantee for travel plans.

Could you imagine taking a 5 day expedition across Denali using sleds pulled by dogs chasing the Northern Lights?  Sleeping in heated tents and wilderness lodges.  Or sleeping in a dome with a glass ceiling enjoying the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed or couch?  All this can be done in Alaska! 

The state even has it’s own bear!  The Kodiak brown bear lives on the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago.  They are only found there and though they are in the brown bear species they are their own subspecies.  They have been separated from all other bears for about 12,000 years!  Not only that, but they grow to be HUGE!  They are just slightly smaller than Polar bears (which are the largest bears).  The islands they live on have abundant food supply, so they are relatively friendly with each other and don’t dispute over territory.  Fun fact:  In the Disney movie Brother Bear the bears are Kodiak bears.  

With it’s vast open spaces, acres of rivers, lakes and wilderness, abundant and in some cases unique wildlife, makes Alaska a truly remarkable state.

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