Africa is Calling

I actually had no idea there was anything such as a horseback safari until I was looking up horse related travel adventures.  You could not imagine my excitement to learn that I could see such cool animals up close and personal in the most natural way possible.  To be able to gallop across the bush with a herd of zebras or giraffes.  A lot of them also travel like they did in the olden days where canvas tents are put up in the middle of the wild and you get to sleep to the sounds of the night.

I, of course, started to look up different companies that offer this services.  There are surprisingly a lot and all over the continent.  I have always been curious and wanted to go to Kenya.  Anything I have read about the country seems to leave it’s visitors and residence in a kind of awe.  I want to experience it for myself!  That’s where I found my number one dream vacation. By looking up horseback safaris in Kenya. 

Safaris Unlimited is an awesome company that has so many different kinds of adventures to chose from not just horseback riding.  They even do flying safaris, walking tours (through the bush with locals, not down a city street), apes tours, ATV tours, fishing, plus a massive amount of other unique travels and experiences. I’d love to do many of them, but of course, the one I’m most interested in is the horse trekking.

This is not an ordinary horse ride.  It is literally traveling across the Maasai Mara on horseback several miles a day, while a team of people go ahead and set up camp, so when the horseback riders ride in everything is already set up and ready to go.  Met with drinks and food and a nice comfortable place to sleep off the days ride and get ready for the next.  Then wake up and it all happens again for 6-8 days (depending on the ride).  This is LUXURY travel.As usual, with greatness comes a price.  It’s definitely priced correctly for the adventure and luxury accommodations, but it will keep me from going on this adventure for a while.  Unless some of y’all would like to get a group together *wink*wink*  Have no fear though, I will do this one day!  

If you’d like to see a little bit better of what all is included in this horseback safari then watch this video!  They did a fantastic job in putting it together and I honestly watch it sometimes just to keep my excitement and desire running at 100 percent!

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