Meet Erin Lowe, Founder of Living Travel Designs

Why “Living” Travel Designs?

Because the destinations that I visit —and that I send my clients to—are full of LIFE.

They are buzzing with locals going about their days, and wildlife screeching across the sky or swimming through the waters. There are waves lapping, winds whistling, trees growing, sun shining. 

And because I don’t just want to “see” on vacation. I want to DO. I want to get my hands a little dirty, my legs pumping, my mouth watering over all the deliciousness I’m about to devour.

After all, with so much life all around us, why would we keep it at arms length?

But … that’s what so many traditional tours and vacation packages do. You get whisked from place to place, with barely enough time to take in the view—let alone learn about your destination.

That’s why I decided to do things differently

Through Living Travel Designs, I craft custom vacations that get you engaging with the world around you—particularly on nature and wildlife-focused trips that leave you in awe. 

Whether it’s a walk through the woods to calm your soul, or a guided safari through the bush that gets your heart wildly pumping, I’m here to make sure you don’t simply “visit” a destination—but experience it to the fullest.

I tap into my network of professional travel contacts all around the world—and rely on my own extensive travel experience—to load up your itinerary with tours, excursions, and moments that get you living + learning, more than you ever thought possible.

Ready to inject a big dose of LIFE into your next journey?

Let me make it happen!

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